Doing Laps

I managed to make it to swimming tonight.  After the events of today, I didn’t really feel like it, but I knew I would have to explain myself to you guys.  You are all really an inspiration to me to keeping going and keep challenging myself. I know if I don’t, I will have to face your disappointment.  It is a powerful motivator.

So in getting into the pool, I proved once again that I do not have a shred of anything resembling co-ordination in my body.  I actually slipped and fell down the pool ladder.  I looked around but didn’t spy anyone with a video camera so there is little chance of it making it onto Australia’s Funniest Home Video (thank god).  I came away relatively uninjured, except for what is going to be a massive bruise on my shin.

After my terrible start, I actually did quite well.  I worked a bit on my freestyle and discovered that if I take it a bit slower and concentrate on my technique I can just manage to make it to the end of the pool.

Stats for today:  35 laps (1.75km) in 56 minutes.


4 responses to “Doing Laps

  1. Well done :)
    Actually you’re inspiring me to get off my butt and drag the Feral Fruit of My Loins to the pool now ;)

  2. OW! Flippin’ heck.

    On the bright side, you’re swimming further and better… the medical profession may stuff you around, but you’re doing well by yourself (if that makes sense – haven’t had my coffee yet. Yes, I’m reading your blog in preference to drinking coffee. Feel honoured! :-) )

  3. Excellent! Glad to hear your recent events haven’t killed your motivation and drive. This is fantastic. You keep me motivated, too. I need that.

  4. Jayne – I am glad that I could inspire you to take the kids to the pool. I hope that you all had a great time.

    Naomi – Wow, reading my blog instead of drinking coffee. I do indeed feel honoured.

    Kathy – I am glad that I could, in my own little way, help keep you motivated.