An Eventful Evening at the Pool

Last night I went swimming again as part of my challenge this year to go swimming at least three times a week.  It was an eventful evening to say the least.

I have this gorgeous pair of earings that Lelak gave me the first year we were together.  They are silver with an amethyst gemstone.  I just love amethyst stones.  I usually wear them when going swimming cause I am scared of losing them if I take them out and put them in my bag.  Well, last night, whilst I was in the pool adjusting my goggles, I must of knocked one of them out, cause two laps later, I was missing an earing.  I knew it was going to basically impossible to find an earing in a swimming pool, so I fumed about it for two more laps.  Then standing in the shallow end waiting for the congestion to clear and taking a breather I looked down and there was the back of my earing and right next to it, the front of my earing.  I quickly retrieved them from the bottom of the pool, got out and took my other earing out and put them safely in my bag.  I am now going to buy a pair of sleepers like I keep telling myself I should and wear them whilst swimming.

I also swam 50m of freestyle without dying.  I only did it once, but the fact remains that I did do it.  There may be hope for me yet.  I found this swimming blog called Swimming Is Easy which had some tips on improving your freestyle.  I followed them and found them extremely useful.  Also I found it good to warm up by doing 10 laps of breast stroke before attempting any freestyle.  Unfortunately, all subsequent laps of freestyle didn’t go so well, but at least it gives me something to build upon.

Last night was quite busy in the slow lane of the pool.  I usually swim in the slow lane because I feel intimidated by all the cool kids powering away in the medium lane.  However, last night, there was just way too many swimmers in the slow lane who couldn’t conform to basic pool etiquette of swimming to the left so that people can overtake you.  It really broke my rhythm to have to stop and start to accommodate for these people.  Also I found myself in the position of being too fast for the slow lane but not really fast enough for the medium lane.   On lap 24, I decided I had had enough of the idiots in the slow lane and that I was going to join the cool kids in the medium lane, which didn’t have that many swimmers using it.  Needless to say, I was passed by pretty much everyone using the medium lane, but still it gave me the kick up the butt I needed to increase my speed.  In my defence, everyone else in the medium lane was swimming freestyle whilst I was doing breast stroke.  I did those final 7 laps in an almost record time.

Stats for my swimming session:  31 laps (1.55km) in just under an hour.

Stats for the week: 83 laps (4.15km).


6 responses to “An Eventful Evening at the Pool

  1. well done!! I’m lucky I have the luxury of going in the mornings (when I go sigh) so it’s all quite quiet.

  2. Riayn, you truely are an inspiration! I used to be a very good, strong swimmer, always in the pool, swam for my school etc until…………..I went to music school. What can I say – you take any extremely athletic girl (swimming, hockey and athletics), put her on her arse playing the trombone all day and you get major spread happening very quickly – not to mention the fitness level dropping to zero!! :(

    Keep up the great work :)

  3. WooT! :) Congrats, that’s a good effort! Having attempted something similar back when I had a heated pool nearby, I know how much determination it takes.

  4. My wife can relate to lost family jewels, especially her engagement ring. Although in this case they were stolen. You have indeed been very lucky.

    As for your swimming, I have heard of a new syndrome called, “swimming pool rage”. It is very much like road rage although not as deadly. Who would ever think it could happen in such a place as a swimming pool.

    Keep safe and Keep left!


  5. Riayn — Cannot believe you found your earring!! I had a miracle like that once. My sister and some friends went sleigh riding at a park. At night. My sister somehow dropped the car keys somewhere on the slope during one of our many runs. Incredibly we found them after searching only a few minutes. They were at the bottom of the hill.

    Congratulations on your effort and making it into the middle lane. You’re inspiring me!

  6. Bettina – I am jealous of you. I would love to go swimming in the morning when it is quieter, but between walking the dogs and getting myself out the door, I just don’t have time.

    Boneblower – As a saxophone player in my high school I totally understand the band butt spread. Sitting on your asses for hours a day does nothing for your fitness levels.

    Naomi – You are making your own amazing efforts in exercising and clawing back your fitness level.

    Kathy – Finding keys in snow is an incredible feat. Good luck with your new weight loss kick.