Sleeping with Dogs

Our house does not have air conditioning, the most we have is an open window.  Therefore on hot summer nights, there is no relief which results in very little sleep for me.  I just can’t sleep when I am overheated and the dogs have the same problem.  We all seem to spend a good deal of the night in the backyard to escape the heat of the house.

Last night, however, it was cool enough to sleep for the first time this year.  I got an amazing  5 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  It was pure heaven.  The dogs even stayed asleep until 4am this morning.  Before you all think that I have the worst behaved dogs in the world, I should let you know you that Rory has urinary incontinence.  The medication stops her from leaking in her sleep (most of the time), but my poor little beagle girl just can’t hold her bladder overnight.  So we have at least one bathroom break per night – usually around 3am.  On hot nights, because she has to drink more to stay hydrate, those bathroom break increase to 2 or 3 times a night.

Now I know what you are all thinking – ‘for god sake’s woman, put the dogs outside and get a decent night’s sleep’.  Unfortunately, our neighbourhood is full of feral cats – most of whom like to congregate in the backyard of the house behind us.  Therefore dogs outside at night + feral cats just over the back fence =  barking dogs and unhappy neighbours.  Therefore, the dogs sleep inside and the neighbours  don’t complain.  Also, my dogs regard sleeping in the same room as the humans as quality time spent with the humans, especially Rory.  Rory was our first dog and thus as the first (and smallest) dog, she gets the privilege of sleeping in the bed with the humans – there is just no room for two humans, one beagle and one German shepherd.  If Rory feels like she hasn’t seen enough of you lately, she will nestle right up against your legs and try to ensure that every possible inch of her body is touching yours.  On cold winter nights, she is like a furry hot water bottle.  As much as I complain about her ability to take up the entire bed, I love sleeping with my beagle.   Before you all start thinking that poor Caleb is neglected, he has a big plushy dog bed in the corner of the room and he is allowed to climb into bed in the mornings to snuggle with everyone.  Caleb sometimes has a weird idea of when morning actually is and has been known to attempt to climb into bed around 4am.   He also loves to spend warm nights lying alongside my side of the bed which is next to the window.

I think that by sleeping in the same room together it helps increase the human-dog bond.  The dogs really seem to love sleeping with us . We actually have a bedtime ritual that gets the dogs settled and ready to sleep.  It involves the dogs being roused from their evening lounging positions – usually on the couch and going out to the bathroom.  Liver treats are collected when the back door is locked up for the evening and the dogs sit beautifully in the bedroom and do tricks for their treats.  After the treats are given, the dogs decide where they want to sleep for the night, settle down and snooze.  We have no trouble getting them into the bedroom and ready for bed, in fact they are usually the ones who tell us when it is time for bed.

I am hoping that the worst of the hot summer nights is over (though I doubt it) as the dogs and I really do love our sleep.


9 responses to “Sleeping with Dogs

  1. Well our bedroom at night resembles a poor african family’s hut with a mummy, daddy, 2 year old and babe on the breast all tumbled in together. It’s bloody hot at night and i wish they enjoyed Damian’s side of the bed as much as mine but turning over and seeing the faces of slumbering babes when they reach out their arms to cuddle you is worth every minute – and on the plus side there’ll be no more family expansion in the near future ;-)

    So…….. I totally get where you’re coming from with your family all sleeping together – the fur kids need cuddles too! Summer must be hard, but Winter must be heaven!

    I’m still trying to talk Damian into upgrading to a king size! If you can convince lelak then caleb may get a spot too!

  2. LOL it’s the same here with our 2 furry babies in and on the bed – great in Winter but a bugger in Summer. But we loves them snuggled up with us :)

  3. Sam – I am not sure a King sized bed would fit in our bedroom. It is already a squeeze with a Queen sized bed.
    Best of luck getting Damian to upgrade.

    Jayne – Isn’t it such a nice feeling to be snuggled up in bed with the fur-kids?

  4. You are such a good fur mummy. Those dogs sound like they are truly loved.

    But no airconditioning? OMG!

  5. Poochies need just as much lovin as us 2 legged kind!! My mum’s dog didn’t make it through last nights heat – they had to bury him today :( He was old and very unwell, but the vet didn’t think they needed to put him to sleep a few weeks ago coz he still had some spark about him. Mum wishes he’s listened to her rather than have Barnie go through what he did last night.

    You love, cuddle and spoil your babies as much as you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise xox

  6. When I move back to Australia and get my house, I fully intend on having the pups inside — it does take training, but it’s well worth it. :)

  7. Is there no such thing as doggy litter (don’t laugh at me, I’m serious)? They are lucky puppies.

  8. We don’t have our puppy inside, but we have the cats who I swear think they are people. Sounds like bliss.

    tagged you for a meme hon, details on my blog.

  9. Kelley – You heard it right, no air conditioner. We also don’t really have any insulation in the roof either and that is something we really need to spend money on getting installed.

    Boneblower – Poor Barnie. Give your mother my sincerest condolences. It is always hard to say goodbye to a fur-kid, but when they suffer before they pass on, it is so much harder.

    Alyndabear – It really isn’t that much more training to have a dog inside and besides training a dog is a lot of fun, so it is a very rewarding process.

    Meg – Yes, there is dog litter. You can get a box of fake grass for the dogs to go on, which is great for people who live in apartments. But our kids are middle aged and it is just easier to let them outside then train them to use the litter and go through the clean up process every day. We are just lazy really. Also, the fake grass is really expensive.

    Bettina – It would be hard to have both dogs and cats inside especially if they don’t get on. Will go head over and see what I have been tagged for. :)