Drowning not waving

I managed to overcome my pathetic willpower and go swimming not only last night but tonight as well.  Last night I did 21 laps (1.05km) and tonight I did 31 laps (1.55km).  I am feeling sore and tired, but it is a good sore and tired.

For some reason, I can do lap after lap of breaststroke, but after only 30m of freestyle I run out of energy and flail around like a dying seal for the remainder 20m.  It is truly pathetic.  Why is it that freestyle is so much harder than breaststroke?

During the six weeks I had off swimming I have lost so much fitness, so I really need to work hard to get back to my old fitness level, which really wasn’t that great anyway.  I am aiming to be good enough to join the Wett Ones Swim Club.   It is a gay and lesbian swim club and whilst they say they are all for fitness and fun, the swimmers that train with them could kick my ass- repeatedly.  So I need to at least do 50 to 100m of freestyle without dying before I would feel confident enough to join.  It gives me something to work towards.


8 responses to “Drowning not waving

  1. Don’t worry. I feel like I’m dying when I walk up three flights of steps. I’ve begun walking for 30 min. after work most days of the week. Hope to keep it up. Good luck. I’m rooting for you!

  2. Well done, you’re an inspiration! Do you think I’d find my MoJo at the pool?????

  3. Good on you Riayn, you’ll join the Wett Ones with your determination ! :D

  4. Kathy – Congratulations on getting out there and walking after work. That is tremendous effort. You will be bounding up those three flights of stairs in no time.

    Boneblower – I believe your mojo may well be at the pool. You know it is where all the cool kids hang out.

    Jayne – Thanks. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

  5. Yay!! Someone who swims like me!! I do laps of breast stroke too – I usually find by the end of summer I’ll be throwing in a few freestyle but earlyl in the season 30m is about my limit too lol

    great stuff!

  6. Yay for getting back in there! I have to bite the bullet too and start walking or something. I’d love to go back to dancing but I’d have to lose my jelly belly first. Oh and lose something off my bust because if I danced with these door knockers, i’d leave with two black eyes!

  7. I used to work with some of the Glamourhead Sharks swim team and a few had only recently started training before they joined – you’ll get there sooner than you think ;)

  8. Tiggy – Dancing sounds like a great way to get fit and healthy. Also it would be definitely something to work towards when trying to build up your fitness.

    Jayne – Thanks for the encouragement, but I am sure they started from a much higher level of basic fitness than I have. Still it gives me something to work towards and a goal to obtain.