Doctor, Doctor, give me the news..

I went for my doctor’s appointment this morning, but I did not get my pap smear test done.  Now before you all start thinking it was because I chickened out – it wasn’t.  Apparently, the best time to get your test done is between day 10 and day 20 of your cycle.  I was on day 7.  At this time, the uterus can still be shedding some of the lining which would have shown up as an abnormality on the test and I would have not only freaked out, but been condemned to yearly pap smear tests for a couple of years.  The doctor suggested I put it off until next week and I already have my appointment – Monday at 1pm for those of you who want to keep tabs on me.

I also wanted a general check up done and the doctor started doing this by going through my long record of health problems – the joys of having a chronic illness that likes to gather friends.  When she got to ‘Asthma’ she asked me what medication I was on and how often I take it.  I don’t currently take any meds for my asthma as it doesn’t really cause me any problems since my asthma is exercise and flu induced.  My doctor was appalled and immediately sent me down for a spirometry test and to be bronchodiluted.  The spirometry test is basically blowing into this little device which measures your lung capacity, which I have done multiple times before.  However, I have never been bronchodiluated and had to admit it sounded kinda scary.  Fortunately, all it involved was being put on a nebuliser of Ventolin for 5 minutes.  The Ventolin dilates or expands your airways making it easier to breathe.  So there I sat for a while with an oxygen mask on breathing in Ventolin and trying to stop my nose from running.  Afterwards, I performed the lung function test again to see if there was any change- there was a little improvement but not much.  The nurse was expecting to see a huge change.  I have no idea what all this means and if I will have to go back on my asthma medication again.  I really hope I don’t have to, cause I don’t need even more medication to take.  Then again, if it helps me with swimming and being able to exercise longer, then I guess it is a good thing.

I was warned about the side effects of Ventolin one of which is shaking but I did not expect it to hit so suddenly nor for the part of my body to be more affected by it being my butt.  It was a very strange sensation indeed standing at the reception desk with my butt vibrating all over the place.   Even now an hour after the Ventolin, my body still feels all shaky and I can’t concerntrate.  It is extremely annoying and work is not the place I want to be when I feel like this.  I wonder if work would mind if I just crawled under the desk and slept until the effects of Ventolin wear off.


8 responses to “Doctor, Doctor, give me the news..

  1. I hope the side effects wear off soon, Riayn, and that there”s not more medication as a result of the test. The shaking sounds pretty yukky, a bit like the reaction I had to having an epidural (for a caesarian). It was like I was freezing cold all of a sudden and was shivering uncontrollably, teeth chattering and everything – not a nice feeling at all. I had a giggle at your butt vibrating at the reception desk though. I can relate to a bit of butt wobble, but I can’t blame that on any medicines!

  2. Going through my head: “work that healthy butt, baby got back!’

    I am so proud of you. You are awesome babe.

  3. dreamingofparadise

    AH the dreaded pap smear. I am due fr one of those too. Good luck with all that doctor stuff. I know the asthma meds are a pain…my boyfriend has to take it daily. I hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. Hee, a wibbly butt. Sorry, but I can’t help but get a visual (in a non pervy way!)

    I wouldn’t know what time of my cycle I’m in.. ever. I really should track that, I suppose.

  5. Kelley – Don’t be too proud of me yet, I still haven’t had the pap smear done.

    guera, dreamingofparadise and alyndabear – Thank you for the well wishes and I am sorry to put images of my wiggly butt in your heads.

  6. You might find you’ll only need to take it for awhile, until you get into a regular swimming routine,but please stick to what the doctor orders…wiggly butt and all ;)
    Does this mean you’re one of the Wiggles now ?:P

  7. Oh Riayn – I know how you feel, being on regular ventolin and all…………did you know it’s got amphetamine in it???? Kind of explains a lot don’t ya think :)

    Well done for taking care of yourself and good luck next week.

  8. Boneblower – I used to take ventolin every day from age 15 to when I was about 25 and it never made my ass wiggle before. Then again, I was just on the inhaler and the nebulizer. I didn’t know it had amphetamine in it though. No wonder I felt completely spaced out.