Work is sabotaging my attempts to exercise

It is a brand new year and with my Things to Do in 2008 firmly implanted in my mind, I packed my swimmers and my towel in my work bag all ready to hit the pool at 6pm and swim my usual 1km swim (all breaststroke, I am not that fit).  I get to work and start the day with visions of doing laps going through my head to get myself all psyched up to hit the pool, when I get an email from my boss informing me that I will be in meetings this evening until 7pm.  The pool closes for lap swimming at 7:30pm to allow the University waterpolo team to train.  I will not be swimming this evening.  I am pissed off about this, which is strange for me because I hate exercising.  However, I do enjoy swimming and I was looking forward to getting back into it after being forced out of the pool about a month ago thanks to an evil fibro flare up of epic proportions.

I will try again tomorrow, although that does throw out my plan of swimming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week.  But this afternoon, I am left deflated.  At least I stuck to my plan of eating healthy today, the cherry danish I had for morning tea not withstanding.  Sushi for lunch and only water to drink is healthy, right?

Damn you work.  I can quite easily sabotage my own attempts to exercise.  I do not need you helping my pathetic willlpower.


5 responses to “Work is sabotaging my attempts to exercise

  1. Bugger!!!!!!

    Swimming in the mornings before work doesn’t work for you?

    The eating sounds very healthy. Contrast with my two pieces of super-wholemeal-with-pepitas toast… and 1/3 block of chocolate. Ai ai ai.

    Chin up. Life will get happier, even if work doesn’t.

  2. Naomi – I get up at 6:30am to walk the dogs in the morning before flying out the door at 7:45am to get to work. Alas, there is no time to fit in a swim as well. Normally work does not schedule meetings until 7pm, but tonight we have to talk to our international offices so we have to stay back. I have promised myself I will be in the pool tomorrow night.

  3. Fair enough too :) Yeah, international offices…. eurgh… on the bright side, now that I’m a part-timer I get to skip most of the REALLY boring teleconferences.

  4. Leap that obstacle Riayn and laugh evilly in the face of those determined to wreck your exercise!
    Hey, you’re walking the dogs and eating healthy- it’s a lot better than this lump here behind the monitor lol ;)

  5. Jayne – I am trying to eat healthy and the dogs won’t let me sleep in as they love their daily walks, especially Caleb. I am endeavouring to improve my fitness and health, but it is a constant struggle. At heart, I am a sloth.