Doctor’s Appointment

Kelley, Bettina and everyone else who has been harassing encouraging me to make a doctor’s appointment to get a pap smear, you will be pleased to know that I am going to the doctor’s next Tuesday at 10:15am.  The appointment has been made and I will be there. 

Now you can scare me with all your horror pap smear stories.


10 responses to “Doctor’s Appointment

  1. I wouldn’t do that to you. Some might, but I won’t. lol

  2. Really glad to hear this. The test is nothing. Very quick. The important thing is to just get them annually. But you already know that :) I know we’re all happy you’re going.

  3. Good girl! No horror stories from me. But there is the story going around the traps about the woman that gave herself and good clean with a face washer before going. Unfortunately the face washer was full of her daughters glitter……. Apparently the doctor was most impressed at the effort she went to to be presentable.

    bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa.

  4. To Bettina, Kathy, Jayne and Kelley – Thanks so much for your encouragement girls! It really means a lot it me.

    Kelley – I have heard the joke about the woman with the glitter. It cracks me up every single time.

  5. I found your blog via Bettina and just wanted to say that I am so pleased that you have made an appointment for a pap smear. Its a huge step to make the appointment for your first one, so well done.

    No horror stories from me either, just breathe deeply if you need to relax yourself, and it will be over quicker than you imagine. And you know, its probably not nearly as bad as you imagine it will be.

    I will be thinking of you :)

  6. no horror stories here & i’ll tell you why…lin ’06 my bff finally went for her mammogram after too many years of a lapsing & she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. pap smears & mammos are so much less scary than the alternatives & i can vouch for that just a bit too much after 1.5 years of seeing what my bff had to endure. go for it!!

  7. Desertqueen and qualcose di bello – Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Only one piece of advice – medical professionals may be brusque or ignore polite “ouch that hurts” on the assumption that you’re a wussbag. They are programmed, however, to pay quick attention to angry, violent-sounding screams. So if your pap smear hurts (most don’t), try a polite “Mind easing up there? Like, ow!” … and if that doesn’t work, scream as though you’re running at them with a knife. Watch doctor jump back and assume extreme politeness.

    Ummm. Maybe I’ve dealt with too many medical people lately. On the bright side, I promise I’ve never hurt one! :-)

  9. Good to hear you have an appointment. It’s nothing to worry about, really. You’ll be fine!