Update on Rory

Yesterday afternoon poor Rory was again in pain so back to the vet’s we went for another shot of methadone and a week’s supply of Metacam. The poor girl was completely drugged out, so of course we took photos of her.

This is your beagle.

This is your beagle on drugs.

Today she is doing much better and is in less pain.  The tail is still down, but not as down as it was before and she is showing more of an interest in life.  Then again, she isn’t high on methadone.  She has wandered around the backyard and growled at the people across the road as they were out in their front yard doing things.  How dare they!  She is still extremely sooky and just wants to be near you all the time, which is out of character for her.  Hopefully she won’t decide that being New Year’s Eve tonight to need another trip to the vet’s for pain relief.

Caleb is missing his beagle companion.  There has been no one to run to the front door and bark at things with and no one to join him in looking for cats through the back fence.  He has gone into a bit of a funk.  He has actually tried barking at the front door for no reason whatsoever just to see if Rory will come running down the hallway.  He gives himself away by barking and then looking down the hall for Rory.

Hopefully tomorrow Rory will be feeling much better and back to her normal self – barking at things at the front door and joining Caleb on cat finding expeditions.


7 responses to “Update on Rory

  1. I’m sorry. Those pictures made me laugh. Poor thing! Hope she feels better real soon! Nobody likes to be on drugs too long.

  2. Kathy – Don’t feel bad about laughing, at least you weren’t laughing at Rory which is what Lelak and I were doing when we took them. Poor girl looked extremely stoned.
    She is doing much better tonight. There have been brief periods when the tail is upright again.

  3. Hope Rory feels better. When I got my female Chihuahua Sissy spayed, she was in a funk for about a week. I would catch her in the middle of the back yard, just standing there like she forgot why she was out there. I don’t think she was in so much pain, but maybe did not have a good reaction to the anesthesia.

  4. dogs on drugs are funny!

    Glad Rory is on the mend

  5. my boys & i were so sad to hear about poor rory…we hope she is feeling better very soon. (those photos make you say “awwwwww”)

  6. qualcosa di bello – Rory is feeling much better and her tail is back to normal now. Thanks for asking :)

  7. Rory is adorable :) I hope she is feeling better now :)