Emergency Trip to the Vet’s

All was well in our household and everyone was sleeping soundly until 12:30am when Rory woke up and started rolling on her back rubbing it against the dog bed furiously.  She does this a fair bit – she loves a good back rub.  But this time she didn’t stop.  She paced, she whimpered, she bit her tail and paced and whimpered some more.  Then she started this weird howling noise, like nothing I have heard from her before and nothing I want to hear ever again.  By that point we knew something was very wrong.  The base of her tail was extremely sore when palpated and she just couldn’t settle.

So at 1am, we all got out of bed, dressed, put the dogs in the car and rushed off the emergency vet clinic which is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  For some unknown reason we hit a traffic jam in the M5 tunnel.  Apparently half of Sydney was up at 1:30am going somewhere.  We battled our way through the traffic jam and finally arrived at the Animal Referral Hospital.

Rory got weighed (14.2kg! – You are on a diet missy from now on) and then went in and saw the vet.  After much palpation and being poked in the ass,  she was given Methadone for the pain and Metacam to bring the inflammation down.  The general consensus is that she has done something to her tail, possibly got it caught or bashed it against something.

We got back home at 3am, settled Rory on the armchair as that is where she seemed the most comfortable and headed back to bed.  After a bit of whimpering, Rory settled down and we all got a couple of hours sleep.

The vet from ARH called at about 9:30am to check on Rory to see how she was doing, which was incredibly sweet of her.  Poor Rory is still in some pain, but that definitely has not put her off her food.  As soon as she heard the dog bowls being collected, she was up and in her crate waiting.  Her food (some diced kangaroo meat) was gone in seconds.  She has had a walk around the backyard, growled at someone walking past the front door and is now asleep next to me.  She is in a fair bit of discomfort though, so she will get a another visit to the vet’s today to get some more methadone and some anti-inflammatory medication for the next week.

We think it is possible she has Cold Tail, which she has gotten before.  One of the causes of cold tail is exposure to cold water.   I guess that hose bath yesterday wasn’t such a great idea.


7 responses to “Emergency Trip to the Vet’s

  1. Why is it always in the middle of the night these things happen? Fancy their being a traffic jam at that time of night LOL

    Poor Rory :( I hope she is feeling better soon, and isn’t in too much pain.

  2. Thanks Leigh. We had to take her to the vet’s this afternoon for a top up of her methadone and more anti-inflammatory medication. She is currently crushed out on the couch, but was walking around this afternoon looking extremely stoned. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.

  3. For us, it always happens on a holiday when our regular vet’s office is closed. Luckily there is a 24/7 animal hospital not far from here. Really sorry to hear about this. Not fun for anyone, but thank God for pain killers. Wow, you’re really going to get the death stare now! Don’t you just love a vet who follows-up? You know you have a good one when they call to see how our pets are doing. Get better soon, Rory! Promise her no more cold baths!

  4. My little kitty is getting a bit.. rotund. I hate the thought of putting her on a diet though! I like to think she’s just fluffy.. :) hehe I’m in denial..


  5. Snoskred – You are definitely in denial and being a former vet nurse, I could get you a nice lecture about the health risks to your cat from being overweight. But I won’t, I am sure you can guess them all. Might be worth swapping her over to some light food, so she is still getting the same amount of food, but less calories.

  6. hope your dog is feeling better today.
    the weather graph things are at this site: http://www.maths.monash.edu.au/~rwardle/weather/Melbourne.html
    maybe there’s a sydney one too?

  7. ozcanadian – Thanks for the well wishes and thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a Sydney one. I guess I will just have to stick with the BOM.