Bathing Dogs in the Sunshine

Today was Bath Day- that dreaded day that dogs all over the world fear.  Since having to give up vet nursing, we get a mobile dog wash to come over to our place.  This morning, the lady came at 9:30am, but finding nowhere to park her car with her dog wash trailer attached, she decided to come back at 4pm when there are usually more parking spots. She came back at 3:45pm, but alas, no one had moved their cars, so we had no choice but to postpone it for another day.  Unfortunately due to her heavy schedule that other day was January 26th.

The dogs, especially Rory with her love of sleeping in the garden beds, really needed a bath.  We have bathed them a couple of times in the bathtub, but bathing a German Shepherd in a bathtub is bordering on the ridiculous.  So being a hot summer’s day, we decided to get out the garden hose and bath them in the backyard.

The dogs hated it.  They hate bath times normally, but today their hatred was even greater.  A cold garden hose was not the warm hydrobath that they are used to and have come to expect.  They were outraged by this dramatic drop in standards.  Rory is one of the most expressive dogs I have ever met and her most expressive emotion is indignation.  It is amazing the number of things that a small beagle can become indignant about.  Today’s bath really brought out this emotion.   We were all treated to her famous “you suck!” glare and have been receiving the death stare ever since.  Caleb, whilst not very expressive, made his thoughts on the whole situation very clear with his ears and tail down looking for all the world like the most abused dog ever.

However, the dogs are now beautiful and clean and got a good brush out.  We spent about an hour sitting with them in the garden whilst they played and dried off.   They are now asleep on their respective couches trying to erase the painful memories of Bath Day.  It is so much easier when the dog wash lady does them.


4 responses to “Bathing Dogs in the Sunshine

  1. We had a Shepard mix when we first got married, and I used to bath him in the tub.
    He would be a good boy during the bath, but then he would shake himself all over the apartment.
    We would running after him with towels.
    Too funny.
    Sorry about the death stare.
    Give them a hug from Frances

  2. I have three Chihuahuas that I put in the sink. Although they are pretty good, if anyone came in and saw their body language, they would think they were the most abused dogs on this planet. Once it is all over, they are soooo happy and run all over the house.

    If I would to bathe them with the garden hose, they would get hypothermia. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. I can’t say I blame them. A warm bath is so much nicer than a cold shower. I totally know about the death stare. It’s possible to get that from cats, as well. Our eldest cat Stinky gives me the stare when she wants to go outside. And if I don’t get to the door quickly enough, I get the cat equivalent of an angry bark. It’s disturbing.

    And don’t worry. I think I read somewhere that a dog’s memory isn’t that great. Perhaps they will wake up from a nap and think it was all a dream.

  4. Frances – Eek! I can’t imagine washing a dog in an apartment. I really hope you had wooden floors. Unfortunately Caleb is terrible in the bath and tries to jump out. It is a struggle keeping a 27kg dog in a bathtub whilst you are trying to bath him.

    4urpets – I certainly wouldn’t bath my dogs outside with the hose in winter time. But here in Sydney we are in the middle of summer so it is very hot – no risk of hypothermia at all.

    Kathy – My dogs unfortunately have very, very good memories. I have been on the receiving end of many a cat death stare from working at a vet clinics. They are really good at them.