An Australian Christmas Lunch

I have just arrived home from celebrating Christmas with Lelak’s family.  It was a very Australian Christmas lunch comprising of a large Jewish family, a lesbian couple, an Indian Christian pastor and an Asian boyfriend.  Very multicultural. The afternoon would have been quite lovely were it not for Lelak’s cousins’ two children aged 4 and 2, who were frightened of our dogs and therefore screamed the entire afternoon.  For four solid hours these children screamed that high pitch scream that only children can produce everytime the dogs were in their line of sight.  In a small backyard, this was all the fucking time.
From my previous post, you know how good my dogs are with kids and this time they were just as good, if not better.  My dogs tried their very best to ignore the kids and keep out of their way, but it was damn near impossible.  Things were made even more fun when Lelak’s brother Julian turned up with his two dogs – a Kelpie cross and a German shepherd.  The kids were practically hysterical.  So, we put them (the kids) in the pool enclosure, since they wanted to go for a swim all day anyway.  They were quiet for a whole five minutes and then the screaming started again because the water was too cold.

The whole gathering let out a huge sigh of relief when they finally went home.  After that, the rest of the lunch was lovely.  We got to see the gorgeous wedding pictures of Lelak’s cousin Jessica and her new husband Shine.  It was a traditional Indian wedding and the clothes were just so beautiful.

By five o’clock, poor Rory was absolutely exhausted.  She had missed out on her midday sleep and her afternoon sleep as there was just too many people around doing interesting stuff like eating food.  In the end, she was doing her very best to sneak off and find somewhere quiet to have a sleep.  Even Caleb looked completely worn out.   I must admit I was feeling pretty worn out too.  So we said our goodbyes and headed home.  The dogs are now crashed out on the couches fast asleep and Lelak and I are on our computers.  It is going to be a quiet Christmas night at our house.


One response to “An Australian Christmas Lunch

  1. Christmas Day certainly can be exhausting! It’s been a quiet night here too (kids absorbed with the new toys).

    Merry Christmas :)