We are not amused, but we are on YouTube

This year, the Queen is officially broadcasting her Christmas Message on You Tube on a special royal channel.  The Royal Channel will not only contain this year’s message but previous years’ messages as well, including the first ever televised Queen’s Christmas Message which was broadcasted in 1957.

You really know you are in the digital age when stumble on “The Official YouTube Channel for the British Monarchy”.


One response to “We are not amused, but we are on YouTube

  1. just catching up on your writings…

    i cannot believe that the queen is doing youtube! i guess i should not be surprised.

    about that house in tasmania…my birth mom & grandma left there in 1946. uncle russell remains to this day. i really hope to visit. since i only just found my birth family 2 years ago, i am slowly uncovering things & i always get a little excited when i learn a bit more. i would have never guessed land was so cheap there.

    also…beautiful post on vienna! i just talked with my daughter earlier today about spending next Christmas in europe…you are convincing me!

    merry christmas to you & yours!!! :D