Time Travelling Lesbian

Time Travelling Lesbian is a new web series that chronicles the adventures of Rebecca Drysdale – an improv performer by day and a time travelling lesbian by night. It is quirky and fun and so far there are eight 4 minute episodes. Unfortunately this series suffers because of the short episode length. There are so many things that could be expanded and explored that are simply brushed past to meet the time limitations. However, it is loads of fun and it doesn’t hurt that the lead actress is kinda cute. This series is like a lesbian version of Quatum Leap, but much more sexier. I would love to see some money thrown at this to make it into an hour long format. Maybe when the Writer’s Strike is over something could be worked out. Until then, I will enjoy the web series.

Here is episode one for your viewing enjoyment.
Time Traveling Lesbian: Episode 1 on FunnyOrDie.com


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