Christmastime in Vienna

Today on That’s My Answer they asked the following question;

If you could spend Christmas anywhere else other than home, where would you spend it?

I would go back to Vienna. Lela and I were fortunate to be in Vienna in late December 2005, just in time for their annual Christmas markets – Christkindlmarkt. This is a traditional Christmas market held in front of the Town Hall. It is absolutely magical and they sell the most beautiful Christmas decorations I have ever seen.

Tiny wooden apples and other wooden Christmas Decorations

They also sell mulled wine in a commemoratives mug and Langos (fried bread) as big as your head.

Langos and mulled wine

Me with my massive Langos and my mug of mulled wine. We carried those mugs throughout Europe and are proud to report that they arrived home in one piece.

Stars in the tree

This is my favourite photo from Vienna. Simple but stunning Christmas stars hang in the trees around the market.

What made the whole experience even more magical was that it was snowing the entire time we were in Vienna. I just wanted to experience a snowy Christmastime – and I got my wish.

I know many people will disagree with me, but Christmas is meant to be celebrated in the winter. It makes the whole holiday make sense. Trying to do the same thing in 40C heat is just ridiculous.



2 responses to “Christmastime in Vienna

  1. I just can’t get over the bread the size of your head. That is what I am talkin’ about!!!

    I agree with the Christmas should be in winter thing. Might get it again this year though!

  2. Kelley – Isn’t the size of the langos incredible? It also one of the greatest foods ever invented, which of course means it is insanely unhealthy for you.