Counting Down to the Holidays!

Only four more hours to go and I will be officially on holidays for the next 10 days.  I am planing to do absolutely nothing tomorrow – no laundry, no grocery shopping, no housework.  In fact, I may not even get out of my PJs for the entire day.  I am going to be that lazy.

I am crossing my fingers that the weird internet outage we were experiencing at home this morning is only a temporary thing and not a continuation of the saga of getting a decent Internet connection with Optus.  I am on call on the 27th December so I need an internet connection at home.  Besides, spending Xmas and New Year’s without the internet is a fate not even worth contemplating.  Cause you know if there is something wrong you are not going to get anyone to come look at it until well into January.

Come on time, move faster!  I want to be on holidays now!


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