An Early Mark

I got told to go home at 3:45pm. A full hour and 45 minutes early. Then when I got home I found I had the internet. Truly a wonderful afternoon all round.

This evening I am heading off to Sydney Uni to watch the Flames take on the Bendigo Spirit in the WNBL. Since Bendigo just joined the league this year I have not had a chance to see them play, so I am really looking forward to tonight’s game.

However, now I have to go and rescue my sock which was stolen by a thieving beagle. The stolen sock was inside my sneaker which was up on a chair. How she even knew the sock was there is beyond me. Maybe her senses tingle when a sock is lying nearby unguarded.

I will leave you with a picture of something else that Rory likes to steal – Lelak’s underwear. I learnt very early on to always put my undies in the laundry basket.

Beagle with Undies


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