Dreaming of a Country Life

At work today I was testing some display advertising on a page which had on it houses available for sale in Tasmania. I marvelled at how cheap housing was there – and then I fell in love with a house.

A gorgeous 5 bedroom house on 9 hectares with a vineyard for more than $100,000 less than what I paid for my two bedroom place with a barely there backyard. I would just so love to live there. The Tasmanian climate is so much more to my liking – give me the cold any day, you can keep your hot humid sticky disgusting summers. The dogs would be in paradise with all that space to run and play. We could live a more sustainable life growing our own food and perhaps having a couple of chicken for eggs and a goat for milk. It would be a so much more relaxed pace of life. I was hoping that there were no snakes in Tasmania, but it seems like have the Tiger snake down there – but they don’t appear to be as vicious as the Brown snake.

However, there are some major drawbacks to this wonderful dream. The first being that since we both work in the IT industry there would be no jobs in rural Tasmania and very few jobs in any of the cities. This is a pretty major drawback. The second would be leaving all of our friends behind, though we could encourage them to visit often – with 5 bedrooms there would be heaps of room. The third is that unfortunately rural communities can be very homophobic. Just how would a small town in Tasmania react to two dykes moving in?

Maybe when we are ready to retire when can move down south to a gorgeous piece of land and just relax.


4 responses to “Dreaming of a Country Life

  1. Thanks for joining us over at the Carnival of Australia.

    I know the dreaming and cognitive reshifting that goes with looking at houses that are cheaper than where you live…but the pull of lifestyle – oh how I long for the land, the chooks, the HUGE organic vege garder (no goat – had one once that LOVED the roof of my new car!!!!!!!!!!).

    Just imagine the cleaning that goes with a five bedroom home!!!! There’s always something to shatter a dream.

  2. Megan – You are assuming I clean the small two bedroom house I am currently in. I see a five bedroom house as more room to hide the mess. :)

    However, you are right about the pull of the lifestyle. To be able to grow most of my food sounds idyllic.

  3. Shake ’em up I say. Might convince the old ladies that ‘live together for the company’ to finally come out of the closet.

    House looks idyllic. And weatherboard. I love weatherboard houses….

  4. Kelley – Doesn’t the house look just gorgeous? Unfortunately, this is all a pipedream, so I won’t be making any offers on the place.