Classical 80s

If you are a child of the 80s like I am, then you will remember fondly Europe’s hit ‘The Final Countdown’. Well now see it performed on cellos with the backing of a full orchestra. It is worth watching just to see the celloist attempting to headbang as they play.


5 responses to “Classical 80s

  1. lol! Thats awesome! I must send that to my g/f who sent me the original the weekend before my hysterectomy suggesting it as my “theme song” lmao

  2. Bettina – I don’t know whether to be disturbed by your g/f or extremely fond of her.

  3. she’s eccentric, but not in a creepy way ……… be fond, be very fond lol

  4. Very entertaining. I didn’t expect it to sound as realistic as it did. Quite amazing what instruments in the right hands can accomplish in terms of sound. :-)

  5. I see your final countdown cover and raise you