Proud Puppy Parent

I am so proud of my dogs Rory and Caleb. Their behaviour yesterday was nothing short of outstanding. Yesterday we had our friends Damian and Sam come over for lunch with their two kids Miles (aged 2) and Matilda (aged 3 months). Now my dogs don’t hang out with many kids as our social circle is comprised pretty much of the child free (although a surprising number of them have started to breed). I think the last kid they saw was Miles about a year ago.

Therefore when they are faced with a terrified and screaming two year old and a little baby and they are as gentle as they can be, I am very impressed. Caleb adored little Matilda and showed his true guarding instinct by lying down next to her when she was in her bouncer and then running to check on her when he heard her grizzling. Unfortunately, Miles with his squealing scared the crap out of poor Caleb, so he did what any scared big dog does – he hid under the table and kept his distance. Rory, on the other hand, was truly delightful and did all her party tricks to show Miles that she was not a scary dog. Rory got named “friendly puppy”, whilst poor Caleb was called “monster”.

To Miles’ credit within two hours, he was patting Rory and playing fetch with her and her beloved toy, the womble and whilst giving Caleb a wide berth, he did get up the courage to go and pat him and give him some bread.

I often complain about Caleb not being good with other dogs and about chasing poor cats, but I really have no reason to complain when he is confronted with a squirming babbling baby and his response is to lick her and curl up next to her. Rory, on the other hand, is pretty much the perfect beagle – she loves other dogs, but to see her being so gentle with Miles was a real joy.

To my beautiful fur kids – thank you for being so wonderful.

Rory and Caleb


4 responses to “Proud Puppy Parent

  1. I have to commend them also. Perfect puppies!

  2. 4urpets – Thank you. I am still so very proud of them. I have been spoiling them rotten.

  3. Awww…don’t you just burst with pride when your babies show how good they can be?

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  4. Susan – You are right. I am just bursting with pride.