Blog Bling

Less than three your blog

I just received my very first piece of blog bling from Kelley at Magneto Bold Too.


Kelley and I couldn’t be more different – she is a married mother of three whilst I am a childless lesbian, but I just love her outlook on life and her potty mouthed ways. Her blog never fails to completely crack me up. This is one blog that definitely should be on your blog reader.


According to Kelley’s rules I must nominate blogs to pass the blog bling love onto. Therefore I nominate the Phil and L over at Dog Blog, Dana at A Sizeable Apple and Frances at BlogJem.


4 responses to “Blog Bling

  1. You have kids, they are just a little more hairy than mine. And probably better behaved, and cost a lot less!

    Whilst not a lesbian, I am sure that features heavily in Mario-porn-stars dreams….. *gaffaw*

    So we are very much alike. I just have a fouler mouth.

  2. Kelley, I think we are very similar in personality, although our lives are very different.
    I am not entirely sure my kids are better behaved than yours though. :)

  3. :) Do they make fecal murals? Stay out to all hours of the night without so much as a freaking phone call? Lock themselves in their rooms playing music and shooting death stares only to surface to ask for food, money or a lift somewhere?

    I think not!

  4. Doh! I forgot to say that I fixed your link on my blog!