Welcome to WordPress

I am a Blogger refugee. I snuck out of the clutches of Google late this afternoon and made my way over the border to the free lands of WordPress. I must admit I rather like it here.

To everyone who followed me from my old blog, The Speed of Dark, thank you so much for making the journey with me. To new readers of this blog – welcome! I brought my old posts with me so feel free to stay and read through them.


7 responses to “Welcome to WordPress

  1. Were you hoping that I wouldn’t follow you Riayn? Your links to your blog from my comments don’t work. :)

    Well I have some amazing stalking skillz that I am learning from my neighbours so here I am!

    Glad you jumped ship and came over to WordPress, now my Boo and I can smile at you from the comments!

  2. Everyone seems to be moving to WordPress. I’ve only been blogging for 3 months, and I’m getting uneasy. Is there something about blogspot I don’t know? Am I looked down upon in the blogging world if I’m daggy enough to have a blogspot address???

    By the way, fantastic photo… love the bridge.

  3. Kelley: I have no idea why my URL wouldn’t show up in your blog comments. That is just weird. I wasn’t hiding from you, seriously!

    Frogdancer: I moved away from Blogger for several reasons, the main one being is that those without a Blogger account can no longer leave their blog URL when they commented. I thought this extremely rude of Blogger to introduce and it is making some people in blogging community avoid Blogger like the plague. I had been thinking about moving over to WordPress for a while – so I just did it.

  4. Yay! Well done :D

    I’m sensing the start of a movement ;) The bloggers are marching one by one…

  5. Your site is great. I am a history buff and always love reading from various perspectives.

  6. Meg – there is definitely a movement away from Blogger at the moment. Maybe they might wake up to themselves and realise that if they provide a poor service, people will go elsewhere.

  7. Black History – Thanks for stopping by :)