The past two days have been absolutely insane at work. The phone has been ringing off the hook and emails have been flooding my inbox.

Oh, the neighbours must love that. Caleb is humping Rory right in front of the open front door. Dogs… gotta love ’em.

Now, where was I. Oh yes, work. Absolutely insane. My brain is fried and my creativity is buried under stress and anger. I am hoping that things will quieten down tomorrow, but I am not betting on it.

Waiting for the vet clinic to call me back to tell me that they have found the dog food I ordered on the weekend. Caleb is running out of dry food.

The humping has started back up at the front door. I may need to get the hose.


6 responses to “Bleh

  1. LOL. Welcome to SheWhoBlogs. I’m not very active in the group since I’ve lost internet access at home but I’m still around! Great blog.

  2. Callista, thanks for the welcome! I am enjoying reading all the great emails on the mail list and visiting all the wonderful blogs.

  3. qualcosa di bello

    this sounds eerily similar to my morning! our basset was offended that our lab had the better part of the sunbeam…what a life!

    welcome to she who blogs!!

  4. Just Expressing Myself

    I wish you could see or hear how hard your post made me laugh!
    So glad you are part of the group.

  5. Bello, the sunbeam is sacred! Rory, my beagle, is fortunate that Caleb, the shepherd x, has never discovered the joy of sleeping in a sunbeam. I can imagine that having two dog who love sunbeam sleeping would cause some problems when the sunbeam isn’t big enough.

  6. Frances, I’m glad I could bring some laughter into your day.