Gays deserve equal rights, except in the areas where it matters

The new leader of Liberal party, Dr Brendan Nelson has come out today in support of economic and social rights for gay couples, but remains steadfastly against gay marriage, gay adoptions and access to IVF for gay couples. What this means is that it is okay for gay couples to be considered the same as hetrosexuals under the taxation law, but where it really matters, we aren’t considered equal at all.

What does this standpoint really mean for gay couples? Well, we will be able to get the same tax break as heterosexual couples, access to the same social security benefits as heterosexual couples and lesbian mothers will no longer be able to claim to single parent payment as their partnerships will be recognised by the social security system.
However, in terms of what this standpoint means for gay families – a big fat nothing. We are still not allowed the same legal recognition of our partnerships as heterosexuals and gays are still considered completely unfit to have and raise children.

Unfortunately this the viewpoint of both sides of politics. If you are gay, you are unfit to be a parent simply based on the fact that you happen to love someone of the same sex as you. However, if you are gay, you are deemed a good enough parent and role model to be a foster career. That’s right, we are not deemed fit enough to raise our own children, but we are seen as suitable parents for children whose heterosexual parents are not fit parents. Try and work out the logic to that one.

One day a government may have the balls to stand up the religious groups and legalise gay marriage and adoption and let gay people have the same rights afforded to everybody else. However, I fear that day is far off in the future.


6 responses to “Gays deserve equal rights, except in the areas where it matters

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  4. frog ponds rock...

    hi..I think there will be gay equality when we stop chopping the trees down in tassie… *sigh*
    cheers Kim

  5. Frogpond, I unfortunately feel that you are right.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where the environment was considered just as important as the economy and every single citizen was given the same rights.
    One day, one day.

  6. Mariacristina

    Hi. Found you through She who Blogs. Maybe if we keep writing about these discriminatory practices, and keep calling for basic rights for all, one day we’ll see results. Great commentary.