Revenge of the Packrat

I am a self-confessed packrat. I hate to throw anything away cause as soon as I throw it away I will invariably find a use for it. I had a Hawaiian shirt that I had for years and a week after I threw it out I got an invitation for a loud shirt party. This kind of thing happens every single time I throw something away. Therefore, I am the proud owner of a very odd collection of possessions. One of those possessions was a Gold Privilege card for an Indian restaurant in Soho, London. In late December 2005, my girlfriend and I were over in London on holidays and we caught up with some friends who took us out to dinner in Soho. At the end of the dinner we received a plastic card from the Indian restaurant that gave us 20% off all subsequent visits. Although I knew I wouldn’t be back in London for a very long time, I kept the card in my wallet.

Fast forward to the present day and my co-worker is going over to London next week to help set up our London office. He is English and has been talking non-stop about how much he is going to enjoy a decent English curry as soon as he gets there. Apparently Australians can’t make a good curry. So today, we look up where our office in London is and wouldn’t you know it, it is in Soho. I reach into my wallet and grab out that Gold card I have been carrying around for the past two years and toss it onto his desk. He was ecstatic as, not only does it give him a discount on a curry, but the restaurant is around the corner from the office.

This is why it pays never to throw anything out.


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