Niche Blogging

There is niche blogging and then there is blogging on a subject about which you didn’t think a blog would even exist, Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians falls into the latter category. It is simply a collection of photos of men who really do look like old lesbians, some of them very creepily so.
Featured on the site is a lovely photo of our Prime Minster Elect, Kevin Rudd.

So, what is the verdict, does our new Prime Minister look like an old dyke?


6 responses to “Niche Blogging

  1. Actually, he’s like a caucasian version of Hiro. :)

  2. Can you really see Kevin Rudd doing this?

  3. OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD! You are right!!!!

    Well this is going to be interesting. Prime minister that looks like an old dyke, with a wife that looks like a man in clothes that are too tight, with some freaky looking kids and a son in law that is Asian. All we need is him to say sorry to the stolen generation and we have the anti Howard….

    Wonder what his stance on gay marriage will be?


  4. Unfortunately, the Labor government has already come out and said that they are against gay marriage… bastards!
    Still, they have promised to introduce laws that protect the rights of same-sex couples which is more than what Howard was willing to do.
    One day a government is going to have the balls to legalise gay marriage, but it is not this one.

  5. Bugger. Will it extend to parental rights? I have friends that their daughters birth cert has ‘father unknown’ and one mothers name even though it was a sperm donor and she has TWO parents!!!!

  6. In the ACT, both parents are listed on the birth certificate regardless of the sex of either parent.
    However, it is the only state/territory to do so.
    Since Birth, Deaths and Marriages are controlled by the states, it would be a state responsibility to do so.
    I have friends in a similar position to yours and it would be lovely to see a change in legislation.