Neighbours from Hell

It is true that you can’t choose your family, but it is equally true that you can’t choose your neighbours. You may find yourself with wonderful neighbours like I am fortunate to have, but you may find yourself living next door to someone like Joan.

Over a beer at the pub a year ago, a friend of mine told us about her neighbour Joan. Within minutes she had has dying with laughter over Joan’s angry little notes and her abuse of a poor delivery man. Now LJ has decided to share her tales with the rest of the world at The Chronicles of Joan. The stories are truly hilarious, but all the time you are reading it you are thankful that you don’t live next door to a Joan, or perhaps you might be unfortunate enough to be.


One response to “Neighbours from Hell

  1. I’m lucky that my own version of Joan, Mrs Ku, is far friendlier. She’ll berate people who forget to put the bins out in their turn. This is 90% in the Korean language.

    But she’ll also stop for a chat, which mostly consists of impromptu sign language, theatrical facial expressions, and broken English.

    Once she got the bin weeks wrong, and the other neighbor and I discussed who’s turn it really was, but in the end decided to cave to her version. She came up and hugged me.

    She’s ancient (70+) and rather cute.