Stolen Content?

I was checking out my Technorati rating this morning when I noticed I was being linked to on a site I had never heard of. Curious to see who would be linking to my blog, I headed over to TechFiveSix all interested to see what post of mine they thought interesting enough to mention. Instead of a nice review or a link to a post, I found that all my posts are being feed directly onto this blog. Yes, my name is attached to the posts, so they are not trying to pass off my content as their own, but still I must admit I felt a little violated that my work would appear on a site when I had not given permission for it be there.

Perhaps someone with a better understanding of online copyright law can help me here. Do I have a right to get royally pissed to find my blog posts being directly feed to this site without giving my permission for them to be there? I have commented on a post by who I assume to be the owner of the site asking for all my content to be removed. I have no objections to writing content for an external site – actually that would be beyond cool, but to take my content and repost it without asking me is, in my opinion, really, really rude. Also it is very strange as the site is about gadgets and technology and whilst my blog does occasionally write about these things I also write about my life and lately Australian politics. Therefore all these poor readers are coming to a site expecting to find out about the latest gadgets and instead reading about the Australian Federal election.

Also if my blog is being posted there directly, that means that this post will appear on the site. I got a little shiver of enjoyment over that thought.


2 responses to “Stolen Content?

  1. Riayn

    I’m hesitant to put a lot of links in here because it might get caught up in your filter.

    Here’s one that I saw recently:

    And I’ve also written about it with some resources:

    Good luck, and yes this post is there ;)

  2. Thank you for the links. I have reported the site through Ad Sense, so I will see if anything comes of it.