Voting in the Rain

It is weird drizzly day here in Sydney – cold one moment and humid the next as I joined my neighbours at the local high school around lunchtime to vote. Unlike other years, there was actually a line so we stood sheltering from the drizzle waiting to vote for about 15 minutes. Long enough to take a good look at the election posters and the poor volunteers standing in the weather.
Dom Knight from the SMH has given a really good wrap up of the electioneering styles at an inner city polling booth and my experience closely matched his.
I took great pleasure in numbering all 79 boxes on the Senate voting form. It was really hard deciding who to put last – One Nation, Family First, Liberals or Pauline – but I managed to make my decision.
All that is left to do is to settle down this evening and tune into the ABC’s Election coverage. It is going to be a really tight contest and may well end in a hung parliament.


5 responses to “Voting in the Rain

  1. I had fun standing the drizzle also… only for five minutes though ;) A hung parliament hey? That’s the first time I’ve heard that term mentioned in this election :)

  2. Well no one likes to mention the hung parliament scenario, but with the election being so close it is just as likely as Labor winning, even more so one might say.

  3. Howard lost Bennelong! Isn’t that great?

  4. I didn’t think that Howard had officially lost his seat yet. Maxine only has 51% of the vote and she needs 53% to claim victory.

  5. Apparently the postal votes have traditionally favoured John Howard, and there’s 5000 of them to be counted.