A Wrap Up of the Election Campaign

It has been a long six months, but finally we are less than 12 hours away from the polling booths opening. There is now a media blackout on everything campaign related and all Australians can breathe a sigh of relief and get down to the difficult decision of deciding who to vote for tomorrow without the annoyance of those horrible election ads.

Listed below are some tools to help you decide who to vote for;

  • If you want to cast your vote for the most amusing election gaff, then check out Annabel Crabb’s Lighter Side of Election 07 on the Sydney Morning Herald where she gives her view on the most humorous antics of this election campaign.
  • If you want to vote for the most dirtiest campaigning attempt, then you can’t go past the Jackie Kelly and Karen Chijoff husband’s islamophobic leaflet fiasco. Proving that the Liberal government just can’t run a campaign without resorting to stirring up some racial hatred.
  • Related to the above issue is probably the most impressive sting operation carried out by a political party and I think they are definitely worth voting for in terms of who we want running our Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Look out for the movie version of this event hitting the big screen early next year.
  • If you are seriously wanting to know what candidate in your electorate feels the same way you do on the big issues, then head over to GetUp’s How Should I Vote website. GetUp sent out a quiz asking for candidates views on all the major issues, this data is matched against how you answer the quiz and a how to vote card is generated that can be downloaded or sent to you mobile on the morning of the election.

Make your decision wisely, vote early to avoid the queues and then join your nearest election party to witness what will no doubt be a very exciting ending to one of Australia’s longest ever campaigns.


2 responses to “A Wrap Up of the Election Campaign

  1. Great post .I clicked a few links – very impressive and funny – I am still undecided ?

  2. Baby Amore, you can always vote for the party that has the cutest polling booth volunteers.