Wine, Women and Song

Last night I did something very unusual for me, I went out on a school night. The evening started watching the Sydney Uni Flames beat the AIS 82 to 57 in the WNBL and then it moved to the Rose of Australia, where I watched a set by Genevieve Maynard. It had been a year since I last saw Gen play and I had not had the pleasure of seeing her with her new band, The Tallboys. It was a very relaxed gig. When the performer is wearing jeans, t-shirt and thongs, it can’t be anything but, still the good music flowed. Also I was given the opportunity to meet up with people that I hadn’t seen for either months or in some cases years. As the music played and we chatted, the time seemed to melt away. As the hour approached midnight, the silliness began and the gig descended into an impromptu jam session with songs by Fleetwood Mac getting a spin. What I love about watching good musicians jam is that they need to work out what chords they are playing beforehand and yet play it like they have been rehearsing the piece for week.

I managed to crawl into bed at 12:45am and was back up at 7am to head into work. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the wicked as I am off to see Patty Griffin tonight and I can’t see that gig finishing before midnight.


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