Wired is running a competition about the nerdiest desk ornament which was inspired by the author seeing his workmate’s Erlenmeyer flask filled with multisided gaming dice.
I must admit that I am in awe of this desk ornament. As a scientist and gamer, this is an object that I want to sneak into Wired office and steal.

It got me thinking about my current geekosphere which, I must lament, does not exist. I have nothing even remotely geeky on my desk unless you count my headset and microphone combo that I use to conduct Skype calls with our international offices.

One of my fellow co-worker has a USB missile launcher (like the one above) which he uses to ‘kill’ anyone who annoys him and three juggling balls which inevitably always end up spread over the office.

In my last corporate job, I had Dogma’s Buddy Christ and a devil duck sitting on top of my monitor. I saw it as a representation of the struggle between good and evil, but my co-workers who knew nothing about Dogma thought I had become a born again Christian and started treating me very strangely. Therefore, I need to choose what to decorate my current geekosphere with very carefully. Suggestions will be gladly accepted. Feel free to post photos of your geekosphere or those of your co-workers that you admire or fear.


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