Too much of a good thing?

Yahoo and Google have announced that they are going to turn their web email services into a social networking tool.
Is it only me who is left wondering why everything on the internet has to be a social networking tool these days?

I know social networking is very popular at the moment, just look at the success of Facebook and My Space. They are great tools and I am very fond of Facebook and it’s ability to put me back in contact with people I haven’t seen in over 10 years.
However, I don’t want my entire internet experience to be a Facebook rip-off. I don’t want to be in contact with my social network 24/7. When I check my email I don’t want to be told how strong a relationship I have with the sender. I think I can work that one out on my own, thanks.

I am predicting that social networking is going to hit a saturation point extremely soon. It is my belief that people will not want to have technology dictate what kind of relationship they have with others. Then again, I think Australian Idol is the worst way to produce music worth listening to, but that hasn’t stopped it running for about five years and attracting an massive audience.


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