Hunger Strike

Rory, my beagle, is gradually recovering from her vaccine induced bout of canine cough. However, because she has been sick and vomiting, she has had a break from her usual dog food and had a couple of meals of cooked chicken breast and rice. Chicken and rice are easily digestible foods and what vets recommend you feed a dog who is recovering from a gastrointestinal upset. Having tasted the good life, she doesn’t want to go back to the hypo allergenic dog food that she usually has. Caleb, our other dog, has food allergies, so we need to feed a novel protein – no chicken, beef or kangaroo. So, the beagle has gone on a mini hunger strike. She will grudgingly eat half of her dinner (she isn’t going to starve herself), but refuses to touch the rest of it and instead begs for our food or scavenges anything she can find.
Therefore, this weekend, we have to go off and find a new dog food that both dogs can eat. The dogs are probably due for a change. Caleb hasn’t shown much joy in eating his food lately either.

Hmph. Rory must be feeling better. I just had to go and wrestle my sock away from one thieving beagle. That sock has been stuffed in my shoe for the better part of this week, but only tonight is it suddenly worth stealing.

The things we do for our fur-kids.


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