You’re Fired!

Today I had the extreme displeasure of dealing with a client so incompetent at his job that I am amazed that he has not been fired. Not only could he not do his job, but to cover up for his failings, he tried to blame my company’s system by saying that various things did not work. Unfortunately for him, not only could I not replicate the apparent bugs in our system, but I had a log of all the things he did do on our system which beautifully exposed his lying.

This got me thinking about all the ways one can be fired from their job. I have only been fired from two jobs; one was when I was a teenager working as a sandwich hand. I was really slow at my job and hated it, so I didn’t care when they let me go at the end of my probation period. The other one was when I was working as a content editor for a start-up search engine company. I had been head hunted by this company from my previous job and was working three days a week for them (the other two days I was at school). I had been working there for about a year when the company decided to earn some money by renting out half of their office space causing us to have a new seating plan arranged to squeeze the workforce into only half the space. On this morning, we all file into the meeting room to see the plan of our new smaller office and to be shown where we will be sitting. I notice that I am not included in the seating plan. I ask, in front of the whole company, where I will be sitting and get told that they will talk to me after the meeting about it. So after the meeting I am told that they will be letting me go, but am given no reason for them firing me. They graciously offer to keep me on for another two weeks, but I am seated in the now empty section of the office and later on in the day told that I will be assigned no new work. They expected me to sit completely isolated from the rest of the company and do nothing for two weeks. I told them at the end of the day where they could shove their two week offer and left.

If you enjoy reading tales of how people have been fired then Simply Fired is well worth a read – although probably not whilst you are at work.


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