Revenge of the Flu

I am on day four of my lovely summer flu and still feel absolutely craptastic. My head feels like it is full of cotton wool, my nose is blocked and my voice comes and goes. My girlfriend is also recovering from the flu and my poor beagle is having a nasty reaction to her all wormer tablet and has had a couple of vomiting episodes, whilst the big dog just had one big vomit and then decided he was over it. Basically we are all feeling under the weather in my household today.

Therefore I would like to know what you do when you are feeling rotten to make yourself feel a little better. Do you make some chicken soup? Read your favourite book? Drag the donna onto the couch and watch bad daytime TV? I have done all of the above and I am still not feeling better. I need some more ideas.


5 responses to “Revenge of the Flu

  1. what’s a donna?

    mmm, the best way to feel better is to have someone make you chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. or tomato soup if that’s your thing. i like a hot bath to wash away the icky feeling for a short while. a cup of hot chocolate never hurts either.

  2. Donna is an Australian term for a duvet or a continental quilt.

    I like the idea of being pampered by someone else serving me comfort food. However, it would be a bit rough asking my girlfriend to do so since she is also feeling sick. I really must learn to teach the dogs how to cook.

    The hot bath sounds like a great idea. I have some lovely Lush bubble bars, so I could really spoil myself.

  3. Yeah, that’ll teach me to blog surf while eating…..

    Anyway. SHOES! Look at shoes! That always makes me feel better :)

    Sorry you are all sick….. including the dog.

  4. I think perhaps you mean “doona”.

  5. *sigh* You are right. I do mean ‘doona’. In my defense, I was really, really sick.