Hulu is not for you

Hulu is a TV geek’s greatest dream come true. TV episodes online whenever you want them. Sure, there has been BitTorrent around for years so that you can illegally download any TV episode you want. But what if you don’t feel like breaking the law anymore and you don’t feel like waiting around for an episode to download, Hulu is for you. It offers current primetime shows like The Office, Prison Break, Bionic Woman, House and Bones, and episodes from TV classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Miami Vice, Arrested Development and more. It is like a legal version of You Tube, you can even embed whole TV episodes on your blog.

Sign me up I can hear you all saying. Well, if you don’t live in the US, you can’t. Sure you can sign up to the beta testing with a generic gmail account, but you once you get your very own invitation, you can’t watch any of the videos on there. All you get is nice little message saying that this video isn’t available in your country. Hulu has plans to go global, but at the moment it sounds like they are caught up in red tape. Whilst these shows are already been screened across the world, it is the advertising that pays for it and I guess Hulu has to make deals with advertisers in each individual country as well as fight the US networks for the international rights to the shows.

There may be a way to access with annonymizers and if anyone has successfully done so, please let me know. This TV geek wants to access her dream.


2 responses to “Hulu is not for you

  1. I am always looking for interesting websites like this one. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. No problem. Let me know what the video and streaming quality is like. I can’t wait until Hulu goes global.