A tiny slice of fame

This blog has been chosen as today’s Blogger Profile on Andrew Boyd’s blog, On Blogging Australia. Every day this month Andrew is profiling members of the Aussie Blog group on NaBloPoMo and today was my day.

When Andrew is not making us Aussie bloggers feel like mini-celebrities he blogs about the world of blogging focusing on Australian issues. It is a great read and I encourage you all to head over and say Hi!

Thank you Andrew for your kind words and the very best of luck in completing this year’s NaBloPoMo.


3 responses to “A tiny slice of fame

  1. Congrats on your little piece of fame. Won’t hold my breath that I will get profiled :) My blog tends to be a bit, ahem, adult?

    Having a bit of a wander round, hope you don’t mind. I wont touch anything I promise.

    You are doing really well for a blogger that has been going for less than 2 weeks!

    I’m still obsessing about those shoes….

  2. There is nothing wrong with an adult blog and I think Andrew is planning on profiling all of us in the The Aussies NaBloPoMo group, so I am sure that your time will come.
    I hope you enjoyed your wander around my blog and feel free to come back and visit anytime you like.
    As for the shoes, they aren’t mine. I just found the picture online and really like the carefree, child-like feel they had about them.

  3. Hi Riayn,

    thanks for the link and for the recommendation :)

    And kelley – I really am OK with adult content – I helped a friend start the set up work on greatsexblog.com today as work allowed.

    Best regards, Andrew