John Howard has just announced that he is going to contest the next election as Prime Minister.
Is everyone ready for another four years of a Liberal government with Johnny in charge? There is no way Kim Beasley is going to win against Howard. He may have had a shot against Costello, simply because people just don’t seem to like Pete. When is the Labor Party going to learn that Beasley won’t win them the election? This is his third time going up against Howard, wasn’t the two other crushing defeats enough of a sign that he just won’t win?
Howard is teflon man as well as master of the spin whilst Beasley is lucky if he can utter a sentence without sounding like a raving idiot or completely indecisive. Labor needs someone who can think on their feet and can argue without getting emotional and ranty about it. Kim just isn’t that person. Now, Julia Gillard, there is someone who can take on Howard at his own game. I am sure that if she was a man, she would already be leader of the Labor Party. Hopefully the Labor party will wake up before the next election and ditch Beasley. If not, welcome to another ineffectual four years in opposition.


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