My dogs had a fabulous time today digging up and eating the Dynamic Lifter I put in the garden yesterday. No real damage done and I guess digging the mulch into the soil will help improve the soil quality. On the advice of Kerri, I put some dog poop into the holes they made in the garden and now the garden isn’t as much fun anymore. I think I have made it onto my beagle’s most hated list this evening. Rory really hates the smell of her own poop. Hopefully there will be no ill-effects caused by their rampage on the garden. All the plants are still alive, but I think we will need to put a wire cage around the olive tree until it is bigger and stronger. The olive tree is located in Caleb’s favourite place to stand at the fence and whine at the cats next door and it is getting a little battered. Caleb is a little too dumb to realise that standing on an olive tree is not perhaps the best idea he has ever have.
The dogs are now crashed out on the couch. Apparently destroying the garden is tiring work.

I also need some new gardening icons.. the quirkier, the better.


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