Today was my big gardening day. Time to get in those plants I bought two weeks ago but have been unable to plant because of the rain. Basically it was a lot of digging holes and putting plants in them. I put the olive tree and the rose bush in the rear garden bed; the tomato, pumpkin, alyssum and the passionfruit vine in the right garden bed; and placed the lavender and rosemary under the Hills Hoist.
I then dug some Dynamic Lifter in the soil and watered it all in before adding lucerne hay mulch to all the garden beds. Obviously, I did not dig the Dynamic Lifter in deep enough, but then no amount of dirt will deter the nose of beagle, as Rory has now dug up pretty much everywhere I added Dynamic Lifter and has eaten it. I shall be watching her closely for the next couple of weeks to much sure there have been no nasty side-effects. Gardening with dogs is a challenge.
I also planted out my Iris and Daffodil bulbs throughout the garden beds and along the side of the house, so it will be interesting to see if they grow.
I then spent the afternoon just sitting out in my garden and enjoying the sunshine.
I can’t wait until spring/summer when it will a mass of colour and full of growing vegies.

Before and after photos of my new garden can be found at

I also have a mystery plant that I got from Lela’s parents. Does anyone know what it is?


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