Work was just insane yesterday. I didn’t get out of there until 8pm. We had a german shepherd in who got his ear shredded by the bitch he was mated with. He was such a big teddy bear and spent the five hours from his surgery to his discharge howling mournfully. It was like being stuck in that James Herriot story.
The big event of yesterday was the rescue dog with a malformed ovary that was adhered to the aorta. When we opened her up we thought it was going to be a simple spey and only allowed ourselves enough time to do the surgery before afternoon consults started. We quickly discovered this wasn’t going to be the case. We had to close her up, do consults and get another vet in to assist. The second surgery took over an hour but we got the ovary free without damaging the aorta.
Also Hollie the Collie is still with us – six weeks later. Still no real sign of the owner except for now some threatening phone calls. We gave her two weeks notice to pay the bill and collect Hollie. That two weeks is now up with no sign of the owner and no payment. The owner has threatened to kill Kerri if we declare Hollie abandoned. Well, we have declared her abandoned and Hollie will be collected by a rescue group today to be rehomed. I must admit I am going to miss Hollie as she is such a gorgeous dog and loves to help you around the clinic. She actually sits with patients as they recover from surgery and goes on rounds, literally sticking her noses into the cages to check everyone is okay. Also if she thinks that you are hurting anyone like puppies who cry when they get a vaccine shot or microchip, she barks loudly at you as if to say ‘what the hell do you think you are doing?’. But a clinic is no place for a dog to live on a permanent basis, no matter how happy she is being with us. She needs a home and a family to love her – and I am positive she is going to find one.


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