Even though it was forecasted showers today, it was beautiful and sunny. I got two loads of laundry washed and dried. Ford came over with his dog B for a couple of hours this morning. The dogs had a great time playing as we sat in the sunshine and chatted. Lela’s parents came over this afternoon with plants that their neighbour is getting rid of and we all took the dogs for a walk along the Cook’s River. The dogs then enjoyed some meaty goat bones from the 7kg of goat we brought them yesterday. What spoilt dogs they are!

I got domestic this afternoon and made some pumpkin scones, which taste pretty damn good. I also decided to stop procrastinating and joined the The Digger’s Club who sell organic heirloom flower and vegetable seeds as well as publishing guides on organic fruit and vegetable gardening. I also need to order some things from Lush as I am almost out of Ocean Salt facial scrub.

Still debating what to make for dinner tonight. Should I do baked vegetables or pasta bake?


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