Some gorgeous pink flowers have appeared in our side garden, but we have no idea what they are.
Does anyone have any idea?

Please excuse the picture quality as they were taken with my mobile phone. We haven’t been able to find the digital camera since the move. It is here somewhere, but goodness only knows where.

Still haven’t had a chance to plant all the lovely plants we brought now two weeks ago as it just hasn’t stopped raining long enough for us to de-weed the garden beds. It is forcasted to rain all of next week to, but so far they are promising a dry weekend next weekend so hopefully we will be able to get something done.

My poor pumpkin plants are looking very anaemic and something is eating them, although I can’t see any insects anywhere. I am thinking that slugs might be the culprits. I gave everything a good fertilise with liquid fish emulsion today, so hopefully the pumpkin will look a little bit happier.

Still got my awful cold. I am coughing away like a two pack a day smoker at the moment. It really isn’t pleasant.

EDIT: The flowers are Hyacinths. I now have “Keeping Up Appearances” jokes running through my head.


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