I am so fucking sick of the attitude that you must support Israel because of the Holocaust. If you don’t you are labeled anti-semitic, a Nazi etc.


I think what they are doing not only in Lebanon, but in Gaza is wrong.
For people who survived the Holocaust, they sure know how to inflict the worst of human nature on people. Am I wrong for thinking that if you or your relatives had to go through the horrors of World War II that you would do anything in your power to stop anything like that happening to any other human being?
Instead Israel sets up ghettos, just like the ghettos Jews were forced to live in, for the Palestinians. They make them go through security checkpoints every single day so they can go to work in the city. When they get upset at them, they just bomb the living shit out of them. How is that humane? How is that right? Where is their compassion for their fellow human beings?
Is it a case of they are not Jewish so they don’t matter? And isn’t that how the Holocaust came about because of similar sentiments by the Nazis?

I just don’t understand the human race at times. I don’t understand how religion can turn you into the most ugliest form of human imaginable. There is a reason why I hate organised religion and it can be clearly seen in what is currently happening in the Middle East. Religion may give peace and serenity to some, but to me it seems to destroy more lives than it enriches.


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