Now for some political/world issues ranting…

What the fuck is going on between Israel and Lebanon? My understanding of the situation is that there was an exchange of gunfire between Israeli soldiers and a militant Lebanese group who then captured 2 or 3 Israeli soldiers. Then, all of a sudden, Israel bombs Beirut’s airport, blocks all the sea ports of Lebanon and basically starts blowing things up. In my books, that is a massive over-reaction. What ever happened to negotiating the release of the soldiers? It is not as though the Lebanese government has any control of this militant group, it seems the government has hardly any control over its own affairs. Why must innocent people suffer for something they had no part of or any desire to see happen?

A picture of the bombing of Beirut Airport.

One of my friends emailed me this morning and said, “So, one day will we say that World War III started today?”
Now I wouldn’t go that far, but I am totally bewildered about what is going on in the Middle East. Israel is in embroiled in some fairly hefty internal fighting in Gaza, why on earth would they decide to bomb a foreign country as well? Were they getting bored just bombing the occupied territories??


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