I am still alive. Just worked two 11 hour shifts in a row. Today I am back on my normal schedule, which is good for all concerned.
Had a visit from Anne-Marie, one of our neighbours, last night to let us know that Caleb has been barking at her when she is out in her backyard. We are going to have a ‘meet the dogs’ session on the weekend sometime, so Caleb will know who is making noise on the other side of the fence. He will probably still bark as he will want to say hello to her, but hopefully he won’t use his big aggressive guard bark. Poor lady probably is thinking she is living next door to an aggressive German Shepherd as Caleb’s guard bark is quite scary.
I am alternating between being scared that we have made our neighbours cranky to being thankful that we have neighbours who will come and tell us things. Also because I have worked my mega shifts we haven’t been able to walk the dogs in the mornings which means they spend the whole day in the backyard with heaps of energy which probably hasn’t helped with the barking
The dogs did get a walk this morning, so hopefully they will be quieter. Also they won’t be in the backyard for over 12 hours either.
I am going to also have to find a way to decrease the urea in their urine as they are turning patches of the lawn yellow. We have a product at work called Dog Rocks that is supposed to help, so I shall have to grab some of them and see how they go.
The joys of dog ownership.


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