Yesterday we got our Foxtel (pay TV) installed, so we finally have television reception. Hurrah!
The guy that installed it took three hours and was the slowest working tradesman I have ever seen. Susan, Sherene, Fiona and Mel came over last night to see the house and ended up staying until 1 am. After five and a half hours sleep, I had to get up and go to work. That was truly brutal. Thankfully, work was not that busy and I got out on time.
This afternoon we hit Bunnings, our local hardware and nursery store. We got some cherry bamboo fencing to put across the back fence as the back fence is not in fantastic condition and the dogs can stick their noses through the fence. We also brought a worm farm to compost the dog poop. Then, even though our garden beds are still full of weeds, we brought plants. Joining our plant family are Tyler, the ‘Just Joey’ Rose bush (Doctor Who fans may get why she is called Tyler), Nellie the ‘Nellie Kelly’ black passionfruit vine, Kalamata Jane, the olive tree and a lavender bush that does not yet have a name. We also brought some garden lime, some Dynamic Lifter organic plant food and a moisture/pH/light meter. Bonnie, our next door neighbour, has also given us two chili plants, some mint and what looks like continential parsley.
Tomorrow we have some serious de-weeding and planting to do, plus the parental units (both sets) are coming over for lunch.
This evening however, I have plans to watch Gardening Australia (they have a segement on growing vegetables in containers) and Doctor Who which is starting up again for series two.


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