I just hung my first load of washing on my new Hills Hoist. A whole load of towels and it barely takes up any room. I have my next load in the washing machine already. We are so many clothes to wash because we couldn’t really do any of it last week as we were trying to pack up the house. I think I may need some more pegs though…

Today I signed up as a regular donator for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). I have long been an admirer of all the wonderful work they do and today they had people at the shopping centre asking for people to regularly contribute money to the organisation. I couldn’t say no, especially after hearing some of the horror stories about the conditions they have to work in. If my measly $35 a month means that they will have much needed medical supplies when they need them most, then honestly I can do without that money. Plus I got to have a really good chat to the English guy that was doing to recruitment about solar powered electric mopeds.. I really want one now. Pity that they are only available in the UK where there is no sun. What is up with that?


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