We are all moved in to the new house and now comes the fun job of unpacking everything and finding a spot for it. As of this morning I have unpacked the kitchen, but everything else is still pretty much all boxed up.
The move went really smoothly and actually quite quickly. The removalists showed up at 9am and by 1:30pm we were all moved into the new house.
We met our other next door neighbours Bonnie and Frank. Bonnie has planted some sunflower plants in our front garden as she was so upset that the previous owners ripped out all the plants. She has also offered me a whole heap of plants when we get settled in. But best of all, she said that she didn’t care if our dogs barked, because dogs should have the opportunity to speak just like we do. Nice to know we have neighbours that will be tolerant of our dogs, even though we do try to keep them quiet.
Rory and Caleb seemed to have settled in. Keeping the same routines going has really helped. Though poor Rory got totally confused at breakfast time. She usually has breakfast in her crate which in the old house was in the lounge room, so when I started preparing their breakfast she rushed into the lounge room and searched for her crate. When she couldn’t find it, she did the next best thing, which was to sit in the middle of the room. I had to show her where her crate was, which is in the sunroom, but I am going to move it into the kitchen/dinning room as I don’t want her eating on the carpet. Caleb was happy to have breakfast wherever I put him, but I shall have to put his towel down for him so he has a designated ‘waiting for food’ spot.
We got the internet and phones installed today, but the Foxtel (pay TV) man couldn’t do the install because of the rain, so I shall have to try to organise another install time.
Gods, there are so many boxes to unpack….


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