Packing, more packing and even more packing. Just when I think we have almost finished we find even more stuff. I swear it is never ending.
The side gate at the new house is finally finished and we were able to take the dogs over there this evening. They love their new yard as everything smells like cat poop. Rory had a fabulous time digging up cat poop from the garden beds.
Rory’s reaction to the full length mirrors we have on the built-in wardrobe in the bedroom was extremely amusing as she has never seen her reflection before. She raced into the bedroom and immediately starting barking and pawing at the mirrors. She spent a good five minutes barking and play-bowing at the mirrors whilst Lela and I were on the ground in hysterics. After realising that the other beagle wasn’t actually in the room with her, she dashed into the study next door to look for the beagle. I guess she thought that the mirrors was a glass window looking into the other room. She has now made her peace with the mirrors, actually I think she is grumpy at them for not giving her another beagle to play with. The mirrors didn’t bother Caleb at all.
Her newest hysterics inducing behaviour is her attempts to look out of the study window which over looks the street. Caleb is tall enough to see through it, but Rory is too short to look out even standing up on her hind legs – so she stands at the window and jumps up. If anyone was walking pass all they could see would be this tiny beagle head popping in and out of view.
Both Caleb and Rory love the nice wide hallway that they can race up and down making as much noise as possible.
Rory needs training to learn that the front door is just the same as the one here. That bolting out of the front door when someone opens it is not acceptable. Definitely need to do some work with that and we need to make sure that all the front gates are shut for the times that the training doesn’t work. I am sure she will soon learn. It was just scary to see your beagle go bolting out the front door and down the street. Fortunately, everything smelt so good and she was quickly caught. The gates on the carport were quickly put on and closed.

Moving day is tomorrow, the removalists will be here bright and early at 8am. Therefore, I will not be online until Tuesday afternoon. The internet is being installed at the new place on Tuesday morning. See you all then when I will be posting from my brand new house!!


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